Sunderland SignWriting



The oldest and fast becoming a rare skill among signmakers. We offer a very high standard of hand-painted lettering using pure sable brushes (pencils) and the highest quality enamel signwriter’s paint ensuring your sign will last. Ideal for unusual surfaces, brickwork, plastered surfaces, boats and extra large lettering on buildings.Painted lettering can be used where vinyl signs can’t adhere. Used in conservation areas, heritage sites and buildings, interior walls of pubs and public places. The possibilities with a hand painted sign are almost endless. We also offer a restoration service for older signs.


For the lustre of genuine 23.5 carat gold leaf that no other finish can provide. Gilding has a reputation for longevity on both exterior and interior surfaces. Our work includes gilding to churches, heraldic coats of arms ,weather vanes, clocks, pub signs, honour boards for golf, cricket and bowling clubs, masonic lodges, schools, universities, updating honour boards annually .


Water gilded on glass in reverse producing a superb gold mirror letter, usually encompassed in a painted outline. Used on trendy pubs, cafes and solicitors windows etc. for that prestigious look


Using quality vinyl material ideal for use on commercial vehicles, shops, windows, site signs and signboards. Our computer cut lettering can produce almost any style of lettering & logos. You can also email your personal logos in eps or pdf file format for us to reproduce. Digital printed artwork can be used for pictures to complement the vinyl lettering. We can also liaise with your designers to develop your signage. Customers often contact us with only a business card concept, we can work with them to reproduce that work on vans, trucks, shop signs, etc. Scale visual artwork can be emailed on commission of work